Events & Properties

What is an "Event"?

An event describes an action a user performs on a website or application - if they click a button or visits a page, that's an event. For example: Instagram would have following events: "Like a post", "Comment on a post", "View a story" and so on. Product analytics tools, like Mixpanel and Amplitude, track every interaction your users have with your website or application.

What are "Event Properties"?

Event properties are attributes a given event. For example: For Instagram's "Like a post" event, some properties can be "the identifier for post that was liked" and "genre for the post that was liked".
Each event will have its own set of event properties. The nature of these properties depends on both the type of product you have, and the specific information you're most interested in discovering.

What are "User/Account Properties"?

  • User properties are the attributes of individual users. These commonly include device type, location, User ID, and whether the user is a paying customer or not.
  • An account property describes the organisation that users belong to. These properties commonly consist of CRM data like owner, segment, or whether the account is paying.

User/Account properties are also called profile properties

How does Toplyne access above information?

We integrate with your product analytics source to access your event and user/account properties data. Here is a guide on how to connect your product analytics source with Toplyne.

What all does Toplyne do with above information?

  • We help you automate your GTM strategy by connecting your customer data with your existing GTM tools via GTM playbooks. You can select which customers you want to target depending upon their product usage patterns and profile properties.
  • We use it to come up with meaningful personas that can be used directly in your GTM Playbook.
  • We also train our models on this data to predict likelihood of customers to achieve a goal event.