What is a GTM Playbook?

A GTM Playbook is a combination of a Go To Market Strategy such as an in-app nudge, sales assist, remarketing, lifecycle messaging applied to the right cohort of users that are likely to respond to that strategy resulting in an increase in conversions or any other goal you are working towards.

We support 4 goals out of the box

  1. Free to Paid Conversion
  2. Revenue Expansion
  3. Churn Prevention
  4. Engagement

We enable 4 GTM strategies

  1. In-app Nudge
  2. Sales Assist
  3. Automated Messaging
  4. Remarketing

We auto segment all your users into 6 buckets called Personas out of the box and they can be futher filtered or used directly in any GTM Playbook.

Here is how you can create a Playbook in your dashboard.