Toplyne's Shopify Pixel

Use the following steps to add Toplyne's custom Shopify pixel to your website

  1. Go into "Settings" in Shopify admin. In the left navigation go into Customer events

  2. Click on the "Add custom pixel" button

  3. Enter a pixel name, ex: Toplyne Pixel

  4. Paste the code snippet generated in Toplyne dashboard or given to you by our CSM and click on save.

    !function(e,t,l,n){||function(...t){(||[]).push(t)};let s=t.createElement(l);s.src=n;let o=t.getElementsByTagName(l)[0];o.parentNode.insertBefore(s,o)}(window,document,"script","");
    tl('init', browser, init, '<API_TOKEN>');
    analytics.subscribe("all_events", event => tl('track', event, browser, init));
  5. Click on connect and in the modal asking for confirmation click on connect

  6. In the customer events section, the custom pixel created should be visible with status "connected"