Integration with HubSpot allows Toplyne to send data to Chameleon

Integrating Chameleon

  • Select ‘Integrations’ from the left pane.

  • Search for ‘Chameleon’ and select it from the list of integrations.

  • Name your integration

  • You need to fill in your Chameleon Account Secret. To get this information,

    • Login to your Chameleon dashboard

    • Click on ‘Integrations’ tab on the left hand panel. Alternatively, go to

    • Click on ‘Custom tab’ tab

    • Click on ‘View my Tokens’ CTA

    • Click on ‘Generate Token’ CTA

    • Name your API token and copy it

  • Paste the token generated on your Toplyne dashboard and click on ‘Complete Integration’

Sending Toplyne leads to Chameleon

  • You can use the integration to sync either Users or Companies.
  • In either case, you need to assign a required field called uid. This field is something that is used in your database to identify the User or Company. Common values include: email for users, domain for companies.
  • This operation is an upsert: Matching companies/users get their fields updated, while new ones get created if no match is found.