Toplyne can integrate with Segment to read and write data to Segment

Sending data from Segment to Toplyne

Send data from Segment to Toplyne is a two-step process:

  1. Syncing live data: This involves syncing data generated in Segment from after the integration is done
  2. Syncing historic data: This involves syncing historic data stored in Segment. To train our AI models, Toplyne needs at least 6 months of historical data as a one-time drop. This capability is only available for Segment customers on "Business" plan

Syncing live data

  1. Select the Segment plan you are on

  2. Get Access Token

    1. Click on the "Settings" tab in the left navigation panel

    2. Navigate to "Workspace Settings" > "Access Management" > "Tokens" > "Create Token"

    3. Add a description. Select "Workspace Owner" under "Assign Access" section and click on "Create"

    4. Copy the access token

  3. If you are on the "Free" plan, get "Workspace Slug Name"

    1. Navigate to "Workspace Settings" > "General Settings"

    2. Copy the slug name present under "Slug" section

  4. If you are on the "Teams" plan or "Business" plan, get "Source ID"

    1. Click on the "Connections" tab in the left navigation panel. And then click on "Sources"

    2. Click on the desired source from where you want to send data to Toplyne from the list

    3. Go to the "Settings" tab

    4. Click on "API Keys" and copy the "Source ID"

Syncing historic data

There are 2 pre-requisites for syncing historic Segment data into Toplyne:

  1. You need to be on the "Business" plan within Segment
  2. You've started syncing live data from Segment

To train our models, Toplyne will need at least 6-12 months of historical data as a one-time drop. To enable this, you'll need to launch a Replay from your Segment Account to trigger a transfer of your historical Segment data source to Toplyne. Learn more about Segment Replay.

Replays are not self-serve in Segment, so you'll need to contact their team directly to request a replay specifying the following:

  1. Your workspace
  2. Your source(s)
    1. Names of data sources you want to sync with Toplyne (e.g., your website, app backend, front end, etc). Please make sure it includes Identify, Track, Page, and Group, depending on what is needed.
    2. SourceID
  3. Your destination : Toplyne
  4. Time period
    1. Start date: 6-12 months ago (more data leads to better outcomes)
    2. End date: current time
  5. [OPTIONAL] Choose to sync all events or only a subset: Segment allows you to filter easily at a source level. You have complete control over which data source you connect to Toplyne. You can further filter out events you don't want to send to Toplyne by using "Filters". However, our recommendation is to send us all data being tracked on Segment. Our AI models are built to pick and choose what matters most.