Go to your Toplyne dashboard, click the dropdown in the top left corner and enter the Toplyne for Ads product

Once you enter the Toplyne for Ads section, click the dropdown next to SETUP in the left panel and click on Connections

Within connections click on Meta Ads

After clicking on Meta Ads you will see the screen below. You will then need to go to your Meta Events Manager page to get your 'Meta Account ID' and 'Pixel ID'

Go to your Meta Ads Manager account and on the left panel click on 'All Tools'. Within 'All Tools' click on the 'Events Manager'

In the left panel of the Events Manager account, you will see your Account ID below your Account name and the Pixel ID right below it. Copy both the ids from here.

Go back to your Toplyne dashboard and paste the IDs in their respective sections. Once the ids are pasted, you will have to click on 'Accept' to accept Meta's terms and conditions.

Once you Accept the terms and conditions, click on 'Authenticate' and then 'Complete Integration'