Users & Accounts

Toplyne can work its magic on two primary entity types: Users and Accounts. The data model to power console, segmentation logic and GTM actions can all be based on either of these entity types

What is a "User"?

A User is an individual person using your product and are associated with an action performed on your product. For example, logins are tagged with users so that you know which individual user logged in. Users are typically identified by one or more dimensions. This is usually Email, although in certain cases this could also be a User ID or User Name
You can choose how you want to identify your users to map to your business. Users are linked to Contacts and Leads in your CRM systems via an arbitrary dimension, which is by default, Email

What is an "Account"?

An Account is a superset of users within an organisation. Within Toplyne, Accounts are a data type that encapsulates a centralised view of a customer organisation. Accounts can either be directly associated with a metric (for example, total revenue) or indirectly associated with a metric (for example, a user from an account logged in). We smartly group all the users associated with an account and display a holistic account-level view. You just need to tell us what is your account identifier

The differentiation is simple: Users represent the individual that is interacting with your product, generally tied to an email address. Accounts are the organisations users roll up to

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How do you access your entities on Toplyne?

Refer to this guide on how to access your entities on Toplyne dashboard