What is Toplyne?

Toplyne is a set of building blocks for GTM experimentation

Toplyne is a platform that enables growth teams to rapidly experiment to engage, retain and monetize users. Think of us as a layer that sits between your data sources and GTM systems. We combine siloed product usage data from your existing applications and create segments of customers -- enhanced by our data science -- that get sent into your existing GTM apps for experimentation.

The likes of Canva and Grafana use Toplyne to orchestrate multiple go-to-market strategies to convert free customers and expand team sizes. These strategies include

  • High-velocity sales through Salesforce.
  • In product nudges through Braze and Appcues.
  • Targeted messages through Intercom.
  • Automated emails through Customer.io.

What makes Toplyne stand out

  • We are an intelligence first experimentation software. We stitch together your product usage, billing and third party enrichment data to come up with meaningful segments of your customers.
  • We provide few click integrations with your existing data sources and GTM channels. And you do not need to involve your engineering teams to get started.

Can't I do it myself?

Like with any software - Yes, of course you can. But GTM experimentation is easier said than done.

Imagine the nightmare of running and A/B testing 10s or 100s of GTM experiments at any point in time. And identifying conversion opportunities is no easier. It requires crunching through copious quantities of product-usage data to identify the strongest buyer intent signals.