Through a simple integration, you can use Toplyne segmentation to better target potential users using Leadsquared to convert promising leads, motivate your champions to purchase more and re-engage with users at risk of churning. Follow our step-by-step integration guide to get started!

Setting up Leadsquared as a destination 🔩

  • Select ‘Integrations’ from the left pane.

  • Search for ‘Leadsquared’ and select it from the list of destinations.

  • Name your integration and click on ‘Configure’.

  • At this point you need to fill in Access Key, Secret Key and Region for your Leadsquared
    account. To get this information,

    • Login to your Leadsquared dashboard

    • Click on "Profile Icon" on top left corner and go to the "Settings"

    • From the left hand navigation, select "API and Webhooks" tab

    • From the panel that opens next, click on "API Access Keys"

    • Click on "Show Secret Key" CTA to view your "Access ID" (paste in the box corresponding to "Access Key" on Toplyne dashboard) and "Secret Key" (paste in the box corresponding to "Secret Key" on Toplyne dashboard)

    • To know your "Region", look at the "API host" mentioned above Access Key and refer to the table below for mapping between "Region" and "API host"

Using Leadsquared as a destination 🔀

Step - 1: Select the destination you just created on the export page.

When you’re on the Export stage of creating a playbook, select Leadsquared integration you set up

Step - 2: Map the identifier field

Toplyne allows you select from your unique fields in your Leadsquared account. In case you want to use some other field as identifier, follow these steps:

  1. Search for the field in Settings -> Leads -> Lead fields and mark it as unique using the actions dropdown.
  2. If you get a message as shown below, remove uniqueness of a field you don't use or don't need to be unique.
  3. To remove uniqueness, search for that field and remove unique.
  4. Then do step 1 again to mark the field as unique.

Step - 3: Select the fields you wish to sync to Leadsquared

You can also choose which other information to pass to Leadsquared. You can do this by selecting relevant field in Toplyne and selecting which field you want to map it in Leadsquared from the dropdown.

Step - 4: Add any constant fields to identify the leads synced from your playbook