How to create a prioritised pipeline?

This guide

Step #1: Define which entity are you going after

Toplyne works with both users and accounts. Based on the selected entity, Toplyne will recommend segments which are most suited for your goal

Step #2: Select a goal

Let us know your growth goals.

Want to "Convert free users" or "Increase engagement"? We will recommend best suited segments

Step #3: Select target Toplyne customer segment

Select which Toplyne customer persona you want to go after

Step #4: Filter for business context

Further refine your target leads based on your business context.

Want to target only those users who were active in last 2 weeks or those users who performed a certain action? We got you covered

Step #5: Sync with GTM applications

Select GTM destination you want your selected leads to. Map fields in Toplyne to fields in the destination